Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction and Development Company (Mapna MD2), as a pioneer company in Mapna Group, officially started its activity on 2005. MD2 specialty is management and construction of power plant and industrial facilities projects from study phase to delivery to the clients. MD2 mission, which is defined by Mapna Group, mainly has focused on construction of combined cycle power plants (steam unit and combined cycle block), which is currently being expanded according to the country and region needed electricity capacity.

Business lines

Thermal Power PlantWater TreatmentSolar EnergyMineArtificial Intelligence

Thermal Power Plant

Power plants, as the main component of the electricity network, play an important role in the power generation industry. Mapna MD2 by managing the construction of power plant projects and industrial facilities, provides services to the clients from study to delivery phase. MD2, proudly is playing role in providing more than 18938MW of electricity capacity inside and outside of the country, relying on Iranian experts’ capabilities. MD2 has delivered 16000MW of electricity capacity to Iran’s electricity network so far in gas, steam or a combined cycle type.

For achieving the air pollution reduction and green industries, MD2, with the support of earned engineering capabilities and Mapna Group brand, always tries to optimize and improve the large-scale power plants designs and construction technology.

Water Treatment

Mapna MD2 as a forehand company, offering a solution to the water crisis in Iran water industry.

Mapna MD2 play role as a general contractor of water treatment projects.MD2 is capable to consult, design and construct water equipment by empowerment of managers and specialists.

The main activities in this field are:

• Replacing resin system with EDI system for producing Demin water

• Using advanced reverse osmosis (RO) systems to recover industrial wastewater

• Converting wet cooling system to hybrid system to reduce water consumption

• Design and manufacture of reverse osmosis (RO) systems for water purification, desalination of brackish water and seawater for the usage of industries and power plants.

• Designing and manufacturing all types of pre-treatment systems such as UF, sand filters, and etc.

Solar Energy

Clean energy for better future

Solar energy has the largest share among other Renewable energies and plays key role for energy supplement and global sustainable development.

Due to the global concerns, most Countries are aiming to replace fossil fuels with renewable energies. Mapna MD2 as a well-experienced general contractor for power plant projects, holding technical knowledge, is capable to construct Solar power plants. The main activities in this field are:

• Construction of Photovoltaic Solar power plants

• Hybrid solution for industries Energy

• Innovative Products using solar energy such as solar desalination system

• Construction of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)


Mapna MD2 as a general contractor, relying on knowledge and experience of project management (engineering, procurement, and construction), undertake large industrial units for mining (copper and steel). The main activities in this field are:

EPC Construction of mining plants with the approach of transferring technical knowledge

Construction Management of the main and strategic mining equipment, relying on the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Mapna Group

Optimization of mining extraction and utilization processes

Energy recovery in industries and mines

Artificial Intelligence

MAPNA MD2’s experts in Artificial Intelligence, have brought the company unique and powerful capabilities in AI, making our MD2 a pioneer and innovative firm in the field. At MD2 we offer AI-based products and services based on these capabilities. Our first AI platform, MAPNA HSE 4.0, serves our clients with the following functionalities:


- Detection of unsafe behaviour in working environment

- Online Detection of casualties

- Online monitoring of personnel’s health and safety

- Intelligent prevention of vehicle accidents


All Projects Public Sector Invested by Mapna Private Sector International

Providing Power for more than 28 million homes

Project statistics
Under construction
Electricity capacity provided
~ 18938
Under construction
~ 4276
Number of personnel
Head Office Personnel
~ 250
Sites Personnel
~ 350


Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC) for 10th Gas Unit of Rumaila Combined Cycle
19 Oct 2022

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Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) for 1st Steam Unit of Urmia Combined Cycle
16 Oct 2022

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Synchronization of 10th Gas Unit of Rumaila Combined Cycle (Phase 3)
21 Sep 2022

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17th Anniversary of MD2 foundation
22 Aug 2022

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