Abolghasem Karimi
Business Development manager
Abolghasem Karimi, MD2’s Business Development Manager, with his team are developing the company’s fields of activity with special focus on entering new markets, technological fields, artificial intelligence, business innovation and digital transformation. He has skills and interests in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management. Karimi joined MAPNA Group in 2005 and since then, he assisted with delivering Combined Cycle Power Plant projects at different positions including Expert, Responsible Expert, Commissioning and Warranty Manager and has work experience in domestic and foreign projects including in Oman and Syria. He is graduated from Sharif University of Technology with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and has registered 2 patents, presented 2 papers in international conferences, and has a PMP Certificate and DBA Degree in Digital Transformation. On behalf of MD2 and as its representative, he has served the company as the Chair of Power Plant Contractors Committee, Member of Executive Board of Power Plant Suppliers and Renewable Energy Committees, and Member of Design and Construction, Engineering, and Commercial Committees at Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate.