About us

In 1996 MD-2 initiated by awarding of Montazer Ghaem CCPP as first project of Mapna Group (Project Team; EPC Contract).  In the same year MD-2 as Mapna 6CC Program Deputy was awarded five extra power plants in form of EPC contracts these five projects were: Shahid Rajaie; Khoy; Fars ; Neishabour and Shariati Combined Cycle Power Plants

In 2002 MD-2 as Mapna CCPP Program Deputy was awarded 22 Units of Combined Cycle Power Plants in form of EPC contracts new projects were: Neka; Yazd; Kazeroun; Kerman; Damavand; Sanandaj; Shirvan & Jahrom Combined Cycle Power Plants

In 2005 MD-2 separated from Mapna Company as  Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction & Development (MD-2) Company

In a combined cycle power plant (CCPP), a gas turbine generator generates electricity and the waste heat exhaust is used to make steam to generate additional electricity via a steam turbine; this last step enhances the efficiency of electricity generation

MD-2 Values

    Integrity and Commitment

    Continuous Effort for Organizational and Personal Excellency


    Customer Oriented Organization

    Commitment to Safety and Environment Protection

    Team work and Self Actualization

Achieved Standard Management Certificates

    Quality Management System ISO 9001

    Environment Management System ISO 14001

    Safety and Job management System OHSAS 18001

         (Commissioned Projects                                                       Capacity (MW

        Montazer Ghaem  Combined Cycle Power Plant                          3×107

        Shahid Rajaie  Combined Cycle Power Plant                              3×100.6

        Fars Combined Cycle Power Plant                                             3×98.3

        Khoy Combined Cycle Power Plant                                            1×102.7

        Shariati Combined Cycle Power Plant                                        1×104.7

        Naishabour Combined Cycle Power Plant                                   3×100.5

        Neka Combined Cycle Power Plant                                            1×160

        Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant                                            1×160

        Kazeroun Combined Cycle Power Plant                                      3×160

        Kerman Combined Cycle Power Plant                                        4×160

       (Local under Construction Projects                                    Capacity (MW

        Yazd Solar & Thermal Power Plant                                           2×159 + 1×149

        Damavand Combined Cycle Power Plant                                    6×160

        Sanandaj Combined Cycle Power Plant                                      2×160

        Parehsar Combined Cycle Power Plant                                       2×160 + 4×162

        Abadan Combined Cycle Power Plant                                         2×160

      (Foreign Projects                                                               Capacity (MW

    Tishreen Combined Cycle Power plant                                       2×160+1×160