Establishment of Mapna Company

MAPNA Group is an industrial enterprise, consisting of MAPNA Group Company, as a parent company, and more than 40 specialized subsidiaries and affiliates, which are engaged in a wide spectrum of businesses, including, engineering, construction and development of thermal power plants, renewables, combined heat and power (CHP) facilities, combined power generation and water desalination plants, as well as engineering, execution and development of offshore and onshore oil and gas projects, execution of rail transportation projects, electrification, medical imaging services, operation, repair and maintenance services. MAPNA is also engaged in financing industrial projects within a variety of investment frameworks.


Starting “6CC” mega project

Converting 14 gas unit to combined cycle power plants with capacity of 1427MW as EPC contract


Starting “22 Steam units” mega project

Conversion of gas power plants to combined cycle units by constructing 22 steam units for “Iran Electricity Development Co.”


Start of Siemens project

Localize and technology transfer from Siemens and Doosan


Establishment of Mapna MD2

Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction and Development Company is one of the subsidiaries of Mapna Group, which officialy established on 22nd August 2005


Construction of gas units

Construction of the first gas units and whole block of combined cycle power plants (Yazd Solar Thermal Power Plant project)


Making consortium with Mapna Group

Taking role as a member of consortium with Mapna Group for constructing the projects which are invested by Mapna Group


Going International

Construction of Tishreen Combined Cycle Power Plant in Syria as the first international project of Mapna MD2


Entering the mining industry section

Construction of the first private project and entering the mining industry section


The largest international project

Starting the construction of the largest MD2 international project with 3000MW capacity